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West Brompton Crossing Community Space

Posted February 23, 2018
On behalf of Earls Court Partnership Limited, I am delighted to bring to your attention a new community space called The Crossing that will be opening early this year as part of the launch of the final phase of the pop-up High Street at West Brompton Crossing.
The use of the space will be completely free of charge, with Earls Court Partnership Limited covering all utilities and wi-fi costs. We hope it will serve as a platform to raise awareness of some of the excellent local organisations and artists that are active in Earls Court. 

A free permanent pop up space for local artists, designers & businesses The Crossing will be a unique retail space within the West Brompton Crossing development created as part of our community outreach programme. The unit will provide a free permanent pop-up space for local artists, designers, businesses and entrepreneurs.
The aim is to allow new businesses to experience and learn how to market and retail their products in a supportive and pressure free environment.
The space will be offered as a blank canvas with all amenities including electricity, wifi and water provided free of charge. A selection of modular furniture is also available so each tenant can create their own unique environment in which to showcase their brand.

The shop will come with all amenities included - electricity, wifi and water, provided free of charge. There will also be a selection of modular furniture available so each tenant can create their own unique environment in which to showcase their brand.

We are keen to speak with any small, local, creative businesses who are interested in a residency at The Crossing. For more details regarding the space please email us with your name, email, address, phone number & information about your business:
communityshop @ westbromptoncrossing.com